1973 Launch of Bospi Ltd. by the German business partners Günter Böckel and Dieter Spielhoff.


1975 Konrad Bürki joins the company as young clerk. In this time Bospi is a sales company for the drilling products of the German founders and for pvc casings andscreens from Stüwa, Germany.

1977 In a difficult economic period Konrad Bürki takes over the responsibility for thecompany.

1978 The company is moved to Murgenthal. The production company BSB Mechanik Ltd is founded and the manufacturing capacity evolves step by step.

1980 René Nadalet joins as a manufacturing specialist. Soon enough the company runs out of space. The capacity is raised by acquisition of new terrain. For legal reasons all property of land and buildings is transferred to NB Technik Ltd.

1984 Acquisition of the first big CNC lathe. This offers major advantages for the machining of steel tubes and other long tubular parts. In the following years much attention is given in keeping the machinery up to date.

1985 Death of founder Günter Böckel. His shares in Bospi Ltd are taken over by Dieter Spielhoff and Konrad Bürki.

1998 Konrad Bürki buys the shares of Dieter Spielhoff. In the same year René Nadalet becomes partner of BSB Mechanik Ltd.

2002 Acquisition of more real estate. In view of a more efficient manufacturing it is decided to demolish a part of the old buildings and to invest in a new production and administration centre. After 20 years in sometimes precarious infrastructure Bospi wants to set-up something special. Based on a vision of Konrad Bürki and under the lead of René Nadalet a modern structure takes shape. The spaceship-like building becomes the heart of the company.

2007 The last years brought an increase in turnover. Structural, technical and economic reasons drive most customers to decrease their own inventories of drilling equipment. Thus the necessity of flexibility and agility on side of the suppliers is a must. Bospi Ltd with its traditionally high inventory on steel and tools can act as efficient and flexible partner. Especially in the expanding market of geothermal drilling for heating, Bospi Ltd is partner of almost all drilling companies in Switzerland. In nearby Germany and Austria Bospi sells its products through qualified partners in the drilling business.

2009 Bospi invests in a new drill rod production unit. The commissioning of a Thompson friction welder is the last step in Bospi's vertical integration. With the available welding capacity and the full control of all quality aspects, Bospi is ready to even better serve the market requirements.

2011 Konrad Bürki opens the way of succession with a management buy-out to René Nadalet and Marc Frey. Gradually Konrad Bürki reduces his engagement in the daily business until final retirement in spring 2013. He remains associated to Bospi as owner of the real estate.

2017 With the acquisition of an Okuma LB4000, the production capacities for the mass production of smaller crowns and threaded connectors are expanded.

2018 Pascal Nadalet increasingly shifts his work to the office and is now involved in the areas of construction and sales.

2019 In December, Florian Geiser joins Bospi AG as the designated successor to Marc Frey, who departs from the company in the spring of 2020. Florian Geiser assumes the administrative leadership of Bospi AG.

2020 In line with the long-term corporate planning, Konrad Bürki sells the real estate business to René Nadalet, Pascal Nadalet, and Florian Geiser in December.

2021 In order to ensure continued production in the future, ongoing investments are made in the machinery. Due to the positive experiences in the past, another Okuma Mac Turn 550 was procured. This investment further expands the production capacities.

2023 As part of the succession planning for Bospi AG, René Nadalet enables the stock takeover by Pascal Nadalet and Florian Geiser through a Management Buy-Out. Bospi AG celebrates its 50th anniversary.